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A Guide on Applied Behavior Analysis

For a child who has special needs, it requires special skills and heart to deal with them. An ABA specialist used certain principle to either encourage or discourage certain behavior. The ABA is mainly used the people who have autism. However, it is also to the people who have dementia, cognition impairment, eating disorder, anxiety, anger issues, and more.

For the people who have a child who is suffering from the above condition, they should ensure that they get the assistance of an ABA specialist. The therapist will first need to know the strength, abilities and the challenges that your child. The professional will spend time with your child to learn more about their behavior, communication, and skills. The therapist will then create a therapy plan that is suited for your child. Here are some of the strategies that are used in the applied behavior analysis.

The most commonly used approach is positive reinforcement. An autist child do not know so of the things that they are doing. If an autistic child does something right, they ought to be rewarded so that they can repeat the behavior. A reward is necessary to encourage repeat of behavior. Shaping is another strategy that consists in improving the behavior of a child. This method is pair with positive reinforcement. They are given a reward after they do a desirable actively.

You should ensure that you discourage any wrong behavior that the child portrays. The negative reinforcement work through the punishment of the sick child. The child need to be punished immediately and let them know that they are being punished. You must ensure that you are consistent with discipline.

Teaching for generalization is conducted in a less chaotic environment. Generalization is made is a calm environment where there are no distractions. Generalization is meant to ensure that your child can independently and spontaneously represent certain behaviors. The student must demonstrate independent abilities across different environments.

The ABA therapy have different approached. The procedures that are used bear the same fruits. Before starting the therapy, ensure that you have examined the ABA professional. First, ensure that you have chosen a professional like BlueSprig who has been offering therapy for a long time. The therapist should be able to set up measurable goals of your child.

Once the therapy has started, you should ensure that you access the response of your child. Fists the child should be comfortable with the therapist. They should respond to the therapist with a smile. it is vital to make sure that the child is gaining useful skills.

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